About John

John Thomas is the Founder and Chief Editor of Blogliterati.com

A university double gold medallist, John comes with a strong academic background and a decade experience across advertising, digital marketing and Publishing industries. His research papers on ‘Text messaging and its impact on the language skills of university students’ earned him wide acclaim in the academic circles of India. Desire to travel,explore new places and learn international best practices replanted him to Dubai.

A well-known social media consultant and strategist in the UAE, John works hand in hand with some of the leading brands,helping them improve their digital footprint. When he is not managing blogliterati.com, he likes to venture outdoors with his camera. An avid backpacker John has travelled across India, filmed documentaries, living in deep jungles inhabited by indigenous tribes. He grew up in India and remains addicted to mountains, forests and spicy, delicious Indian food.

John has a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication & Electronic Media Studies and a Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication. He is an individual member of the International Association for Promotion of Christian Higher Education, a global network of Christian scholars and institutions.

His passion for photography and documentary film making is evident from his documentaries on the Toda and Santal Tribe of India, piles and piles of albums that take one through the life of various Indian tribes and of course the beautiful women he came across in life. His documentary film ” In Search of Christian Art in India”, for CMN productions, Atlanta, Georgia, has been broadcast in the USA. An avid blogger, one can take a peek into his world of photography through his blogs.