Bombay Kulfi is now open in Karama, Dubai


Kulfi or Qulfi is a Hindustani word derived from the Persian Qufli meaning "covered cup", which in turn is of Arabic origin.[4][5] The dessert likely originated in the Mughal Empire in the 16th century. The mixture of dense evaporated milk was already popular in the sweet dishes in the Indian subcontinent. During the Mughal period, this mixture was flavoured with pistachios and saffron, packed into metal cones and immersed in slurry ice, resulting in the invention of Kulfi.

One of the fastest growing and popular Kulfi Brand from India – Bombay Kulfi is now in Dubai and all set to tantalize the taste buds of Kulfi lovers here.

We visited the newly opened outlet in Hamdan street, Karama last week with a few friends and we had loads of fun and some innovative and out of the world kulfi’s, of course.  The Bombay Kulfi brand has 50 outlets across the world and its first UAE outlet is operated by Numero Uno Foodstuff Trading owned by Ashwin Chugh, who is the master Franchisee in UAE.

The Story

Fascinated by rich, creamy and taste tingling desserts, which is an indispensable part of the Indian history and culture, Poonam Shah and Manish Kankaria decided to revive the good old favorite Indian traditional ice cream and serve it to the current generation with a contemporary twist.

At Bombay Kulfi, there is something for everyone. With over 80 varieties of kulfi, 40 of which are currently available in the UAE outlet, Bombay Kulfi is sure to enthrall Kulfi lovers with the variety and taste of its offering.



With Punchy slogans from Bollywood, brightly colored walls, graffiti, wooden kindergarten-style benches and music to match, the outlet offers guests an authentic experience with amazing flavors.

The Kulfis

Bombay Kulfi offers a great range of flavors in both the traditional stick and slice form including very innovative flavours like Chili Guava and Oreo.

We tried an assortment of flavours including Chili Guava, Tender Coconut, Gulab Badam, Kesar Pista, Mango, Badam Pista, Gulkand, Musk Melon, Chocolate, Sitaphal Mango to name only a few. My personal favourites were the Chili Guava, Sitaphal and Tender Coconut – as always.  The taste of the Kulfis was simply out of the world.

It was a special feeling siting in those colorful miniature desks and trying out one kulfi after another, while listening to peppy songs from Bollywood and checking out the funny writings on the walls. It took us on a ride back to the yester-years.

The Gallery
The Verdict

Being situated in the busy lanes of karama’s famous food street, Bombay Kulfi is a great place to visit for a post-meal dessert indulgence. Considering the cost at which desserts are priced in most of the restaurants, it makes more sense to consider Bombay Kulfi  as the post dinner stopover.  Priced from AED 11 to AED 14, the Bombay Kulfi experience is totally worth the money.

Great staff and very friendly owner who is there most evenings and on weekends. If you are lucky to spot him, he will entertain you with some witty conversation. We are pretty sure you wont stop with one Kulfi! Do check out this place.



  1. Thank you so much John Thomas #Rockstar for your kind words & blog!

    We are very glad you enjoyed the #BK Kulfis and Naturals so much 🙂
    We look forward to welcoming you again to our store with family!


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