Have you ever wanted to dine in the presence of a multi-million dollar balloon dog?

Feast on Groundbreaking Art Including Jeff Koons’ Iconic Balloon Animal Sculptures and Eduardo Guelfenbein’s Abstract Paintings

La Petite Maison

Starting from Thursday, 16 March, dining at La Petite Maison in Dubai has become like attending a dinner party at the home of a renowned art curator. The hottest thing to try at La Petite Maison is on the menu, but rather the Opera Gallery’s collection of innovative sculptures and paintings from contemporary art masters Jeff Koons and Eduardo Guelfenbein.
The American artist Jeff Koons’ iconic balloon animal sculptures, cast in porcelain and vividly colored, reportedly sell for millions of US dollars. In 2013, Koons’ “Balloon Dog (Orange)” smashed the record for any living artist when it sold for USD 58.4 million at auction. At La Petite Maison, guests can view Koons’ balloon animal sculptures of a dog, swan, rabbit, and monkey. Also, on display will be “Split-Rocker” – a miniature porcelain version of his planted sculptural form, constructed from halves a of two toy rockers, a pony and a dinosaur.

La Petite Maison

Chilean artist Eduardo Guelfenbein’s unique “liquid abstraction” acrylic paintings combine lines and swirls that resemble a cosmic creation. Guelfenbein, inspired by his nomadic lifestyle and sensibilities, uses bold lines and riveting colors that can infuse the dining experience. The artworks were chosen to complement the vivid and summery colors of the paintings on permanent display in the venue.

La Petite Maison

The works will be on display at La Petite Maison from Thursday, March 15 through Saturday, 24 March.


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