Mobile analytics to transform businesses across the UAE & Gulf

Mobile analytics will transform businesses across the UAE

The CEO of a leading worldwide provider of enterprise software platforms explained mobile analytics will transform businesses across the UAE and the wider Gulf while presenting at a recent MicroStrategy seminar in Dubai.

MicroStrategy CEO, Michael Saylor, explained how his US-based company was an early adopter of mobile technology and the renowned technologist successfully predicted the rise of many trends and current market leaders in his 2012 book, The Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything.

He added that Gulf businesses have long been early adopters of mobile technology, and with MicroStrategy’s latest release of its flagship software platform, MicroStrategy 10.9™, the company and its CEO are bullish about the potential impact of enterprise mobile apps.

“It’s easier than ever to deploy analytic applications to all your employees and customers,” said Mr Saylor. “That means analytics are changing the nature of brands and customer relationships. Thepotential here in the Middle East is to allow companies to enrich their value proposition by harnessing the power of their data and technology – and you can do that quickly and easily today due to the proliferation of mobile devices.”

Mr Saylor added, “Mobile is very important everywhere throughout the Middle East and MicroStrategy allows you to harness the power of all those mobile devices to create new types of analytics thatwere not possible before and to engage with your customers in real time.”

Looking to the future, Mr Saylor added that this new wave of enterprise analytics will provide companies with an unbreakable link to their clients. “Mobile applications will become more important in the Business Intelligence space, will generate new types of data and enable new types of applications – encouraging the spread of intelligence everywhere.”


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