Last month me and my dining partner received an invitation to try out one of Dubai’s newest luxury ice cream concept – Rolling Cones at Hyatt Regency, Dubai Creek Heights.  Rolling Cones is a premium concept in soft serve ice cream conceptualized by entrepreneurs Sunaina Khanna Harisinghani and Prateek Shah.

Rolling cones

A first of its kind desert parlour Rolling cones offers extravagant ice cream and coffee concepts adorned with pure edible gold laced with delectable crunchies and sprinkles of gold dust.  Dubai never fails to amuse and exhilarate us with its incredible offerings. Rolling cones is one of the newest line of luxury dining places that completely bowled us over. Who doesn’t like to have their coffee or ice cream laced in pure gold, anyways!

We tried The Rolling Luxury –  a premium soft serve ice cream covered by pure edible gold in a delightful waffle cone laced with delectable crunchies and sprinkles of saffron. We followed that up with once upon a time –  a playful waffle cone surrounded by cotton candy and a dash of diamonds and marshmallows.

What we completely enjoyed is the My Precious Ice cream platter which is a signature creation of the most exotic soft serve ice cream flavors on a selection of wafer cones , cups and rolls laced with pistachio sauce and lotus biscuit.

Rolling cones 

For the first time ever, we tried Coffee on an ice cream cone – Rolling Cones Coffee – which has both Cappucinno or Espresso served in a dark chocolate glazed premium waffle cone.

Rolling cones

Coffee De Arabica ­– The coffee with gold flakes on it consisted of premium coffee sourced from far corners of the earth available in Cappuccino or latte varieties.

Rolling cones

With exotic blends to choose from, Rolling Cones offers authentic taste and creamy texture of ice creams that bring new meaning to rich desserts. What we totally enjoyed and highly recommend on the menu is The Rolling Luxury and My Precious, a piece of art created for ice cream connoisseurs with most exotic soft serve ice cream flavors on a selection of wafer cones, cups and rolls laced with pistachio sauce and lotus biscuit crumbs.

In an exclusive interview with, Sunaina Khanna Harisinghani, Managing Director of Rolling Cones, said, “We are extremely delighted to launch a concept as unique and innovative as Rolling Cones to the UAE. At the outlet, we offer a delicious spread of premium luxury ice creams and coffee to celebrate the season that embodies summer fun. A must try is the signature ice cream – The Rolling Luxury which is a premium soft serve ice cream covered with pure edible gold in a delightful waffle cone laced with scrumptious crunchies and sprinkles of saffron, available in Fior Di Pistachio Variegato, French Vanilla, Chocolate and Lotus Flavours”

According to Prateek Shah, Investor Partner of Rolling Cones  “Dubai is all about gold – luxury, innovation and premium are words best suited to the region. Rolling Cones is about that and much more. Each dessert and drink is very selectively designed to appeal to the metropolis’ palate, and is a visual treat. When you come in to Rolling Cones for the first time, try the namesake Rolling Cones Coffee. It’s your regular fix of Cappuccino or Espresso served in a Dark Chocolate glazed premium Waffle cone.”

Roll conesRolling cones also introduced its Ramadan flavour – the Dates Jallab,last month.  An all-new take on the original pure gold covered soft serve ice cream, The Rolling Luxury, Dates Jallab is a soft serve made with rose petals and dates that is wrapped in a pure gold film. The delectable dessert is available from sundown until 2:00am on weekdays and sundown until 3:00am on weekends.

Prateek Shah, Investor Partner of Rolling Cones said, “Our newest flavor, the Dates Jallab, is a traditionally Arabic combination of sweet dates with  -mooth rose petals that is reminiscent of date kunafa or batheeth made in rose water and sweet syrup. It seemed befitting to give The Rolling Luxury, our flagship dessert, a new makeover for the season with respect to the holy month of Ramadan.”

Sunaina Khanna Harisinghani, Managing Director of Rolling Cones, adds, “Ice cream imparts smiles on the faces of both adults and children, and is easy to share and enjoy together, which is the message we are focusing on with the introduction of this new flavor.” The Dates Jallab is a limited-time only flavor available until the end of Ramadan.

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How to get there

Need to know

Cuisine: DessertsIce Cream
Where: Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights, Health Care City, Umm Hurair, Dubai
Hours:   7 PM to 2 AM Thursday & Friday  7 PM to 3 AM
Atmosphere:  Lobby level of Hyatt Regency, limited cafe within cafe, however guests are served in the expansive lobby of the hotel too, with live entertainment.
Parking:  Valet Parking Available
Prices: AED 90 for two people (approx.)
Credit cards: Cash, Cards accepted
Sound level: Quiet
Wheelchair access:  Accessible
Service: Good
Recommended:  My Precious, Rolling Luxury, Once Upon A Time
Additional Info: Kid friendly, Desserts & Bakes, WiFi Available
Reservations:  04 5531234

Disclaimer / Voluntary Disclosure

This review was courtesy of Rolling Cones, Dubai. Though the Ice creams and coffee was complimentary, all photos, views and opinions are our own, as always. The restaurant had no influence on the content of this article. There is no form of cooperation between us, and I am NOT obliged to publish anything. I have not received any monetary payment in lieu of this review. All images used are courtesy of, unless stated otherwise. The images may not be reproduced without explicit permission/consent from the site owner.

Rolling Luxury

AED 55

Rolling Luxury




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