Tete-a-tete with Mais Alnuaimi, CEO and Co-founder Mundana


Mais Alnuaimi, CEO and Co-founder Mundana discusses about her Travel agency Mundana, travel trends and shares some tips about the must visit travel destinations this summer. 

  • What is the key to success of Mundana?

The key to Mundana’s success is working a job that feels like you’re going on holiday every day! Also, having an amazing team that are so passionate about Mundana and travel is crucial – I couldn’t do it on my own.

  • What differentiates you from other travel agencies in Dubai? Why people choose Mundana and not another agency?

Mundana is a web and app based travel agency. So, all of your bookings can be done sitting at home. What differentiates us from other companies that are out there is that our product is really geared towards the GCC traveler. Also, each holiday that is created by Mundana is tailor-made to the customer’s travel preferences and needs.

Each customer is special to us at Mundana, and we really do try to spend time in understanding exactly what our clients like to do on holiday. Once we’re sure we know what they’re looking for, we then create a day by day itinerary. We incorporate hotel, activity and restaurant ideas from the clients themselves but like to make our own suggestions too.

  • Mais, I heard about your entrepreneur spirit: Why did you open Mundana? Tell me about the story.

Travel has been a long passion of mine. Friends and family would always call me when they needed help planning family holidays and honeymoons. Though my background was in mechanical engineering I worked as an Economic Affairs Specialist on a project related to tourism. It sparked a passion to work in the travel sector and I decided to turn a hobby into a business. And that is when my business partner, Dana Rafeh and I decided to start Mundana Travel, a boutique travel company that creates holidays based on your exact holiday needs.

  • What do your customers demand now in terms of experiences?

Customers are looking to explore places they haven’t been to and experience things that they haven’t done before. In essence, it’s our job to turn a good holiday into a great one.

  • Tell me about your travel tips

The best tip I can pass on is this: plan but don’t over plan. You don’t want to miss out on a fantastic festival because you’re leaving today and it doesn’t start until tomorrow. But you also want to leave room in the schedule to be spontaneous.

  • Which are the trendiest destinations for this Summer and the must visit places?

Tbilisi, Georgia: Centrally-located Tbilisi, the charming capital, is perfectly situated for day trips into the magnificent countryside. Don’t miss the charming town of Signagi with its many wineries. Wherever you venture, you’ll be assured of a warm welcome: this is a country where guests are considered a blessing and hospitality is second nature.

Dubrovnik, Croatia: Walk the walls of the historic Old Town late in the afternoon; the cruise ships have departed and you’ll have the privilege of enjoying that lofty vantage point without the crowds. Cool off by day on a sailing trip to the islands that dot the sea and give the region its name: the Dalmatian Coast.

Santorini, Greece: Santorini, ah Santorini! Does Greece get any better than this? Whitewashed buildings tumble down impossibly steep cliff faces and overlook an ancient volcanic caldera flooded by the Aegean Sea. Immortalised by poets and painters, its magical sunsets will unlock your creativity and inspire you, at the very least, to pick up your camera.

Seychelles: La Digue’s most famous strip of sand, Anse Source d’Argent, has graced many a glossy magazine cover and the reality is as exquisite as the pictures depict. Soft white sand shelves gently into the turquoise sea. Giant granite boulders are softened by softly swaying coconut palms. Happily Anse Source d’Argent is not alone and you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to beautiful beaches in this Indian Ocean paradise.

Kandy, Sri Lanka: The hilltop fortress of Sigiriya is an easy day trip from bustling Kandy. Brave the many steps and staircases to the top and the views are out of this world. Kandy’s also the ideal place to step back in time and commence a rail adventure to Sri Lanka’s Hill Country where refreshing tea and flavoursome food make this a foodie’s delight.

  • Some hotel recommendations for our readers?

There are so many incredible hotels out there it’s hard to choose just a few. But all the really amazing hotels have one thing in common: they focus on impeccable service and attention to detail.

  • Your dream journey?

I can’t choose just one; there are so many journeys that I would like to do! But I would say that my dream journey has to be one with good company, a good beach and good food!


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