The popular healthy and nutritionally balanced kebab chain German Doner Kebab recently launched 4 exciting new items on their menu. was invited to their  DAFZA outlet to review.

Mr Fareed Jamil – The UAE Operations Manager of German Doner Kebab and Mr. Danish – the outlet owner were personally present to receive us and take us through the new menu.

Doner Kebab

German Doner Kebab

We started off with the classic Doner Kebab which is also the signature item on their menu. A lot has changed from the time I last tried it at their Motor City outlet. The bread has gotten more firmer and better.

There is no doubt I love the Doner, but what I don’t however like is the overflowing kebab dripping out sauces and salads which makes it challenging (slightly embarrassing) to consume particularly in social circumstances.  This time around the doner managed to strike the right note with the perfect hit of firm doughiness and slight crunch. The doner was stuffed in the usual way though, but it was more manageable – thanks to the stiff bread. I was able to compress it all down into palatable shape, without necessarily crumbling / breaking the bread and letting the fillings fall off.

I went with my usual favorite Veal Doner. The taste was as amazing as always, and the experience was overall complimented by the firmness of the doner bread.

Doner Quesadilla

A truly Mexican style flat tortilla wrap filled with cheese, onion, jalapenos and doner meat. This is probably the best form of Quesadilla I have eaten – It was totally scrumptious. For those who can’t deal with large sized Doners can go for this option which has all the goodness and taste of a Doner in a more comfortable and palatable quesadilla form. No wonder it is a big hit with youngsters here!

German Doner Kebab

Chili Cheese bites

A spicy twist to the regular cheese bites, this had more punch in the form of jalapeno chunks mixed with oodles of cheddar.

German Doner Kebab

Flaming Fries

Another GDK innovation – Flaming fries literally fired up our palates with its fiery zest. Hands down this is probably one of the best new sides from the German Doner Kebab Kitchen. The fries in itself were so filling as it was thicker (read larger) than the regular fries and completely non-greasy. Peppered with their secret spices, it was totally unbeatable and a clear winner, for us!

German Doner Kebab

Doner Nachos

Another product in the nibbles range, Doner Nachos is being introduced for the first time with Turkish Doner meat – an amazing combo of nacho chips, salsa sauce, Doner meat, jalapenos and cheddar cheese. It is an inventive product that we see taking off quite well with nacho lovers in the country.

German Doner Kebab


A brand known for constantly innovating and improving, German Doner Kebab has managed to create some stellar offerings sure to captivate GDK’s existing custgomers as well as attract new ones to try the brand.

The Flaming fries are probably one of the best we’d tasted in a long time. The chili cheese bites are an innovative twist to the regular mac and cheese balls. Doner Nachos are a great treat for those die hard nacho lovers and Quesadillas are a very interesting offering from the brand. The doner with its new version firmer bread is very promising improvement. Overall the new range has definitely added more value to the Doner brand and is a must try!

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The Brand

GDK started with the vision of creating authentic and healthy kebabs, combining high quality produce with excellent customer service. The brand spent the first decade of its operation in perfecting policies, procedures and processes. Today it is a well-established and recognized brand with stores across the world known-widely for its healthy & nutritionally balanced take on traditional kebabs.


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